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With over 30 years of lived experience, Matiu presents his work from a person-centred bi-cultural perspective. Embracing all cultures, genders and spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs. He specialises in the areas of trauma and grief counselling and counselling people who have been through all forms of abuse, predominantly with Māori but not exclusively. Matiu has a soft and gentle manner who works in a skilled & unique way.
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"My experience in counseling with Matiu has been incredibly fulfilling. Matiu treats me and our sessions with great manaakitanga—kindness, respect, care, insight, and cultural compassion. He creates a non-judgmental environment and helps make sense of what can seem like chaos. In this sense, working with Matiu has been astoundingly liberating. I feel secure with the difficult and important decisions I was faced with, and I now have a sense of clarity about the life I want for myself."


You Can Be Free

Find that Peace You Always Searched for

Many of life's challenges leave us with traumas, grief, wounds etc that need healing. Being free of the influences and the effects they have on our life allows us to live the life we are called to live, to be free to love life and love others.

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   Nā whai anō          Why counselling

Counselling is a skill. Listening is a skill. Being able to unload those feelings with someone  trained to hear the heart, who genuinely cares about your situation. How can you not give it a chance?

   E aha          What we offer

  • Cultural Sensitivity

  • Lived experience

  • Clinical skills

       When do I
       need counselling

Don't wait until its a last resort or when you're at your lowest. Recognise the signs. Those feelings telling you to reach out. Don't ignore them. It won't be easy, but nothing good in life is ever easy, but always worth it.

   Pēhea          How do I reach out

This is the first and for some, the most important step in their life. A step only you can choose to make. But it's a step that could change your life.

   Mahi          What we work with

  • Trauma

  • Addiction and Abuse

  • Anger and Anxiety

  • Grief and Loss

   Uiuinga          First Consultation

  • Text message

  • Phone call

  • Email

  • Online

  • Face to Face

  • If local, we can come to You

24/7 Support

First Consultation
- text message
- phone call
- email
- online
- face to face
- if local, we can come to you

We evaluate your concerns, determine the suitability of our services & establish a client-counsellor relationship

Call us on : 027 425 0391
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Models Used

Māori Models of Health
The 3 P's
Te Wheke
Person-Centred Counselling
Whare tapa whā
To name a few
Pōwhiri Process

Allow Yourself to Be Free

for Trauma, Grief, Abuse, Anxiety, Fear, Mental Health and well being, Suicide, Anger Management, gangs, MC Clubs and many other areas


Aroha & Rangimarie- Love& Peace

Family & Marriage Counseling
All ages, cultures and much more


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