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Cultural Supervision

I offer this service to Māori, and non-Māori. I operate through a te Ao Māori lens (a Māori worldview). I believe Cultural Aroha is vital in the mahi (work) that we do. We live in a society that accommodates multi cultures, therefore it is imperative that we get an understanding of the indigenous people of this land. An understanding of respect, and partnership. An understanding that encapsulates a culture rich, and vibrant in tikanga (a customary system of practices, and values). We need to know how to relate, and connect with this culture delicately with sensitivity, honouring a document that originally intended for us all to live together as Kotahitanga (one people).  

I offer this service to all Kaimahi (professional practitioners) seeking to extend their knowledge in te Ao Māori, and warmly invite you to have kōrero (conversation) with me, to see if I might be the right ‘fit’ for you in the hikoi (journey) ahead.  

Until connection has been established, there is no charge for this service, however koha is always appreciated but never expected.


If you would like to explore this, please feel free to contact me. 

Ngā mihi maioha 



Akoako Counselling Service Limited  

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